Bible Classes

Summer Quarter Bible Classes

June – August 2017 

Sunday Morning Bible Classes 

Cradle Roll                             Room 7                                     Dani McEwen                                                

2, 3, & 4 year olds               Room 4                                    Ashlyn Jones                       Old Testament Stories                                                                                                                                                                                                 K, 1st & 2nd                             Room 3                                     Lana Howard                   ABC’s of Acts

                                                                                                    Kathy Nunley

3rd-4th                                     Room 1                                     Irmadean Martin                ABC’s of Acts

5th-6th                                     Room 2                                     Orrin Deaver                      ABC’s of Acts

7th-8th                                                                                       Jacob Gibson                     Galatians – I Timothy       

9th-12th                                     Room 5                                     Cliff Caskey                     Galatians – I Timothy

Adult I                                       Auditorium                            Wayne Jones                       I and II Thessalonians

Adult II                                     Room 10                                  James Johnson                 Interesting Topics from the Bible                 

College/                                   Library                                    Trent Kennedy                   I Thessalonians                  

Young Professionals                                                                                   

Wednesday Night Bible Classes

Cradle Roll                             Room 7                                 Valerie Duggins                                   

2,3 & 4 year olds                 Room 4                                    Lauren Mitchell                           Old Testament Stories

K,1st & 2nd                                Room 3                              Margaret Langley              ABC’s of Acts    


3rd-4th                                     Room 1                               Dee Grayson                         ABC’s of Acts


5th-6th                                     Room 2                                Lori Mikeska                          ABC’s of Acts


2017 Summer Series – June 7 – August 30


7th Grade – Adult               Auditorium                            Wayne Jones                      

                                                                                          Trent Kennedy                                    

                                                                                           Logan Summers

                                                                                           Jacob Gibson     

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