Prayer Requests

Monday, June 26, 2017

Sylvia Caskey continues to battle cancer.

Aubrie Deaver, Pam Neal, Brenda Sparks, and Chuck Horner are recovering from surgery.

Dave & Regina Dugan continue to need our prayers.

Lexi Moseley will have foot surgery on July 19.

James Wade, father of Valerie and Brenda Duggins, has been diagnosed with cancer.

Paul Randow, Sherri Randow's husband, continues to battle cancer.

Continue to pray for those who recently came forward: Makayla Lucio-Salinas, Keith Langley, and Cole Burke.

For a complete list of those needing our prayers, please see the back page of the weekly bulletin.

If you know of someone that needs to be placed on our prayer list, please contact the church office with their name or send an e-mail to the elders at