Audio Sermons 2015

12-27-2015AM Hope and Labor Part 1-Wayne Jones 

12-27-2015PM Hope and Labor Part 2-Wayne Jones 

 12-20-2015AM Hope In Uncertainty-Wayne Jones

12-20-2015PM Elisha The Last Sermon-Wayne Jones 

12-13-2015AM Hope In Sound Doctrine-Wayne Jones 

 12-13-2015PM Unfinished Business-Wayne Jones

11-29-2015AM Stronger Fellowship-Wayne Jones 

11-29-2015PM Church Shopping-Wayne Jones

 11-22-2015AM Growing in Knowledge-Wayne Jones

11-22-2015PM II Kings 6:24-7:20-Wayne Jones 

11-15-2015AM The Power of the Gospel in Me-Trent Kennedy

 11-15-2015PM Fear Not 2Kings 6:8-23-Trent Kennedy

11-08-2015AM What Does it Mean to be Spiritual-Wayne Jones 

11-08-2015PM The Floating Ax Head-Wayne Jones

11-01-2015AM Renewed in Knowledge-Wayne Jones

11-01-2015PM A Christians Response to Persecution-Wayne Jones 

 10-25-2015AM Stronger Knowledge of the Gospel-Jordan Moore

10-25-2015PM Kennedy Paraguay Mission Report-Trent Kennedy 

1-18-2015AM The Knowledge of God-Trent Kennedy

 10-18-2015PM The Greed of Gehazi-Jordan Moore

 10-11-2015AM Salvation By Faith-Wayne Jones

 10-11-2015PM The Healing of Naaman-Wayne Jones

10-04-2015AM Message for Millenials-Wayne Jones 

10-04-2015PM The Miraculous Contribution-Wayne Jones

 0-9-27-2015AM The Day They Laughed at a Funeral-Wayne Jones

09-27-2015PM Death in the Pot-Wayne Jones

09-20-2015AM Sermons by Cody Duggins & Josh Dugan 

09-20-2015PM Sermons by Brennan Hooper & Trenton Motal 

09-13-2015AM Stronger Faith Two Blind Men Healed-Wayne Jones 

09-13-2015PM A Limitless God-Wayne Jones

09-06-2015AM Stronger Faith-Introduction to Miracles-Wayne Jones 

09-06-2015PM Putting The Preacher In His Place-Wayne Jones

 08-30-2015 AM-Stronger Worship-In Spirit and Truth-Wayne Jones

08-30-2015 PM From Princes to Peasants-Wayne Jones 

08-23-2015AM Stronger Worship God's Way-Wayne Jones 

08-23-2015PM A Valley Full of Ditches-Wayne Jones 

 08-16-2015 AM StrongerWorship Assembling Together-Wayne Jones

08-16-2015 PM The Making of a Leader-Wayne Jones

 08-09-2015PM Testing of Elisha-Wayne Jones

08-09-2015AM Stronger Worship-Lord's Supper-Wayne Jones 

 08-02-20115 AM The Sacrifice of Fools-Wayne Jones

08-02-2015 PM Elisha The Miracle Prophet-Wayne Jones 

 07-26-2015 AM Devotion In The Valley-Wayne Jones

07-26-2015 PM The Church That Stalled-Wayne Jones 

07-19-2015 AM Stronger Devotion In Betrayal-Wayne Jones 

07-19-2015 PM God Our Father-Rance Parker 

07-12-2015 AM Stronger Devotion-Gratitude-Wayne Jones 

07-12-215 PM Youth Mission Report 

07-05-2015 AM Stronger Devotion To God-Wayne Jones 

 07-05-2015 PM The Church That Stayed-Wayne Jones

06-28-2015 AM Our Response-Wayne Jones 

06-28-2015 PM The Church That Slept-Wayne Jones

06-21-2015 AM Stronger Character Apollos-Wayne Jones

 06-21-2015 PM The Church That Tolerated-Wayne Jones

06-14-2015 AM Stronger Character Jonah-Buddy Martin 

06-072015 AM Stronger When...We're Like Barnabas 

06-07-2015 PM Hope & Idolatry-David Dugan

05-31-15 AM Lessons From The Storm-Wayne Jones 

05-31-2015 PM Pergamum The Church That Compromised-Wayne Jones 

 05-24-15-AM Stronger Character Hannah-Wayne Jones

05-24-15 PM 2015 Graduates Setting Sail-Wayne Jones 

 05-17-15 AM Stronger Character Jacob-Wayne Jones

 05-17-15 PM The Church That Was Pressed-Wayne Jones

05-10-15 AM Storing Up Treasures-Andy Baker 

05-10-15 PM The Church That Left-Wayne Jones 

05-03-15 AM He Who Gives Strength and Power to His People-Jason Jackson

05-03-15 PM Stronger When We Don't See Color-Todd Crayton 

 04-26-15 AM Stronger Morals Sexual Purity (2)-Wayne Jones

04-26-15 PM Prayer Session for Focal Point-Wayne Jones 

04-19-15 AM Stronger Morals Sexual Purity (1)-Wayne Jones

04-19-15 PM Paraguay Mission-Trent Kennedy 

04-12-15 AM Stronger Morals-Alcohol - Wayne Jones 

04-12-15 PM Jamaica Mission Report - Trent Kennedy

04-05-15 AM Stronger Morals-Wayne Jones 

04-05-15 PM What Does the Bible Say About Gay Marriage? - Wayne Jones 

03-29-15 AM Inspired to Do God's Work-Connor Hooper 

03-29-15 PM Conformity-Shawn Mikeska 

03-29-15 PM Hell-Brennan Hooper 

03-22-15 AM When was the Last Time You...?-Wayne Jones 

03-22-15 PM Why are You Running?-Wayne Jones 

03-15-15 AM Investment of a Lifetime-Andy Baker 

03-15-15 PM Christ's Message to the 7 Churches-Andy Baker 

03-08-15 AM Circles-Wayne Jones 

03-08-15 PM The One Church-Brandon Liner 

 03-01-2015 AM - Stronger in Our Weaknesses - Wayne Jones

 03-01-2015 PM - Are We Really In The Last Days - Wayne Jones

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